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As a result, a working paper should be prepared by a competent individual who understands the process and is willing to adhere to it. Having a detailed and properly referenced working paper will help anyone who picks up the document to understand the transactions even when the preparer is not available to explain.

Close to 50% of the team is based outside of the US, which also continues the tradition of a wide geographical representation. Dear MAS members, As the incoming Senior Editor of the Journal of Management Accounting Research for the 2022–2024 term, I am excited to announce the editorial team that will serve during my term. We will have a group of 13 Editors who are distinguished scholars ready to work with you, current and future authors and referees, on publishing high-quality and relevant management accounting research. We will also have a great new Editorial Advisory and Review Board with 44 accomplished members. The first thing you should know is that Studybay works with experienced authors only. They have a decent education, a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, a native (or near-native) level of English, and a huge desire to help students with their assignments.

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The interaction between sunk cost, reporting responsibility and cultural respect is not statistically significant. Prior research shows that the presence of sunk costs affects the managers’ escalation decision (Garland, 1990; Garland and Newport, 1991; Keil et al., 2000).

Accounting Paper

Destroy and dispose — After this file holding period has elapsed, have all of the documents shredded and dispose of the loads in a secure manner. Then you can eliminate the storage and move forward as a paperless company. Offsite storage — Move all scanned documents that have been copied to digital files to a storage unit off-site for a period of months. This permits you to remove the files, while allowing abundant time for correction of an error that may have occurred during the process. It eliminates time-wasting steps of printing, filing and manually searching for paper documents.

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This allows reviewers to view and comment on files on laptop, or even by smartphone. Stronger Security — Cloud storage for documents is more secure than keeping sensitive information in paper files stored in an office. Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security. And, access can be restricted to only trusted file users.

Accounting Paper

Proper citation also protects the writer from plagiarism. Once levelled, a plagiarism claim can prove detrimental to one’s academic career and subsequent professional career. Intentional or not, plagiarism besmirches a student’s integrity and can lead to suspension or even expulsion. Students can choose from many different citation styles, including those listed below.

Regardless of the type of paper, your introductory paragraph should be brief, clear, informative, and attractive. Imagine that most of your audience won’t read the whole article if you approach this section without enough responsibility. You will rewrite some sentences several times, and that’s why you should think of it in advance. Accounting Paper Your brain needs pauses to come up with fresh thoughts, so have a rest between the writing and proofreading stages. When you need them is when you’re going to hire a writer. One’s examples will show you the level and the style to choose the best author. Insights, resources and tools from leading voices in accountancy and business.

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The papers are not supposed to be submitted for academic credit. Faxed and scanned documents — Many companies still depend on scanning and/or faxing, even while surrounded by online and other digital solutions. TurboScan is a user-friendly App that lets you use your cell phone’s camera as a scanner, and converts images captured to PDFs for emailing. And, transmits the emailed PDFs directly into your email inbox. Meetings documents — For handouts during meetings and presentations, TeamViewer provides users remote access to project display onto the screens of networked computers around the clock, via any other computer, or smartphone.

It has minute details of transactions and shows the rationale behind the accountant’s judgment as seen in the financial statement. You can request this feature for extended papers like a capstone project, thesis, or dissertation. We will deliver each part of a lengthy paper that a writer completes until the last part. Data analytics has become a hot topic, but many organizations have not yet managed to understand its potential, let alone put it to work. This report will take a deep-dive on how to best introduce or enhance the use of data in decision-making. Remember, going paperless doesn’t happen in a single day or week.

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Access files stored on a shared drive, and/or use Google Docs file sharing features, Microsoft Office 365 interactive document editing features, Basecamp, or one of a number of other systems for sharing and/or collaborating on documents. Train smartphone users to utilize Apps that capture paper file contents, and convert them to digital files.

Feedback on the CP will guide the IPSASB in determining the approach to developing an Exposure Draft on the topic which will in turn shape a final IPSAS related toNatural Resources. The reviewer and preparer must be clearly stated in each working paper. Where a necessary feature is absent, it should be pointed out by the reviewer of the working paper.

Accounting Paper

Prospect theory suggests that individuals will demonstrate a behaviour that is risk seeking or risk averse depending on how the problem is framed in their mind . As indicated in Staw and Ross , high negative feedback resulting from withdrawal from a project before one has recouped previously invested resources motivates individuals to escalate the project in the hope that it will be successful.

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Business and finance use both CMS and APA style for citing sources. APA style lends itself well technical writing, however, and thus is the more common of the two. In the end, your professors will let you know which style to use for your research paper.

As a working student, I had to figure out how to study smarter, not harder. During this period, my interest in neurology and psychiatry, as well as my aspiration to help others, intensified. At Studybay, I use my knowledge, skills, and experience to develop helpful solutions for students and make their study paths more productive and fun. Writing an introduction, you have already defined the thesis statement or the research question. And here, in the conclusion section, you need to provide an answer. It is the place where your task is to ensure the final paragraph sums-up the entire paper and highlights the insights from the research and analysis that you’ve conducted.

Our experienced writers deliver 100% original and quality papers as all orders are custom written from scratch. To facilitate or mitigate escalation of commitment, for example, within aid projects in developing economies, and the role of culture in these contexts. Commitment might be more indirect, which might have weakened the effect of personal responsibility for reporting. Pursuing a degree in Finances and Accounting, you’ll have to face countless written home assignments.

These accounting principles include Accrual Concept and Conservatism Concept, Cost Concepts, Going Concern Concepts, Consistency Concepts, Matching Concepts, and others. We believe that writing service online does not have to expensive and out of reach for students. We charge affordable rates that even those with a small can afford writing help by our well-qualified writers. Pages, academic level, and urgency are the factors contributing to the total cost. You will pay a lower cost by ordering a paper with a longer deadline.

  • Though accountants spend much of their time crunching numbers, they also turn those numbers into reports that explain their findings, data points, and analyses.
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  • The thesis can also keep you on track and prevent you from veering off into tangential points.
  • Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security.

Maintain as much as possible on cloud servers, and treat in-house network servers as what they are, premium digital operating space to be rationed as storage, if possible, for use as necessary for certain unique purposes. There are different kinds of working papers that auditors and accountants prepare. Most of the financial reports presented to shareholders and businesses come with a worksheet. The worksheet is primarily used to summarize the entire accounting process within an accounting year. Our writers have a high level of professionalism in accounting. They have a master’s or PhD degree in accounting and the ability to transform numbers into a well-written report.

Order our writing help since we are the writing company that takes time to customize a paper according to requirements. We also come to your aid when you are unable to meet a deadline to deliver all orders on time. Our writing style is to develop content from scratch, even when numbers are the same. Our writers always cite information from reports in the appropriate accounting paper referencing styles, including the common APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago, and Oxford.

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First, the use of students as proxy for experienced accountants is an issue to be considered in interpreting the study’s results. Second, a significant proportion of total participants failed the manipulation check for the sunk cost manipulation. We consider that the manipulation check question was not well designed to assess the manipulation of sunk cost, and this remains a significant limitation of the research.


Superiors have power over subordinates in the workplace . The Davis et al. study of management accountants found that half the participants had violated organisational procedures because of pressure from immediate supervisors. Lord and Dezoort suggested that auditors, as a result of being pressured to be obedient, are likely to sign off on a financial report that is materially misstated. According to Tetlock , an individual’s accountability to a party who has a known view motivates the individual to strategically adopt the known view and biases effort toward finding support for the known view. In the workplace, accountants expect to be accountable to managers who make investment decisions. Variation in superiors’ power over subordinates is difficult to measure and manipulate within an experimental setting. Differences in culture with respect to superiors’ power provide an environment in which the dependence of subordinates on managers can be examined.

While prior research on escalation of commitment focuses on the decision making role of managers, this study considers the supportive role that accountants play in facilitating managers’ decisions. This study can add to prior research that examines how to mitigate the escalation problem (e. Cheng et al., 2003; Denison, 2009), by highlighting the context where accountants are likely to provide information that encourages escalation. Introduction This study investigates the accountants’ role in facilitation of escalation of commitment. Tendency for decision makers to persist with failing courses of action” (p. 36) 1. While previous research generally examines the decision making role of managers in escalation of commitment, our study examines the supportive role that accountants play in facilitating managers’ escalation decisions. There’s this one assignment Accounting students can’t stand the most.